Aquamin™ – the natural way to improve bone and joint health

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Osteoporosis affects an estimated 75 million people in Europe, the USA and Japan - fact. And with an ageing global population, this figure could double over the next fifty years.  

Consumers are also looking for convenient ways to support an active lifestyle in later life. Better bone health brings more mobility – a strong message for concerned consumers.

The market for products with proven bone and joint health benefits has exciting potential. You need a clear point of differentiation – to maximise consumer appeal and guarantee product stand out.

Aquamin can help.

Aquamin is our revolutionary, natural, multimineral ingredient sourced from the clear waters of the Irish and Icelandic coasts. Clinically proven to improve bone and joint health, this unique ingredient enables you to create great tasting food and drink with an added nutritional benefit.

Take a closer look and discover how.

The formula is simple: Aquamin = healthier bones = active lifestyle

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